Expect to be Amazed at the CompTIA Annual Member Meeting

  • Southwest Region Goes From Worst to First in Overall Revenue Growth

    by Robert Dutt  | November 05, 2013
    This guest blog entry was written by Robert Dutt of Channelnomics. What a difference a year makes. In the 2012 Ingram Micro SMB 500 tally, solution providers in the southwest region were last in terms of overall revenue growth. The region still grew at 173.53 percent over 2011, but that number was the lowest regional growth rate around the country for partners in the Ingram Micro SMB 500, a program facilitated by The 2112 Group. A year later, the southwest region – Arizona, New Mexico ...
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  • U.S. vs. UK: A Tale of Two MSP Markets

    by Larry Walsh  | November 04, 2013
    This guest blog entry was written by Larry Walsh of Channelnomics. The U.S. managed services market is more established and mature than our cousins in the UK. However, the British channel is taking a more balanced approach to the evolution of managed services, according to a new study. “The State of Managed Services” study conducted by The 2112 Group and CRN UK finds solution providers in the British Isles are about two to three years behind their U.S. counterparts in the adoption an ...
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  • Congress, CompTIA Continue to Consider Tax Reform

    by Lamar Whitman  | November 04, 2013
    Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) has again noted his support for tax reform. In a statement released on October 30, Baucus emphasized the need for corporate tax reform, citing examples of companies that have re-incorporated in lower tax jurisdictions such as Ireland. He stated that he would work on parallel tracks with both the newly formed Budget Conference Committee, as well through the Finance Committee. Similarly, House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) has continue ...
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  • ChannelTrends: Crowdsourcing is an Innovative Way to Finance Business Expansion

    by Brian Sherman  | November 04, 2013
    Building a successful IT services business isn’t easy. But perhaps it shouldn’t be or everyone would be doing it should it, further commoditizing the market and reducing revenue opportunities. Some of the most skilled technology professionals have seen the organizations they worked so hard to get off the ground fail after just a few months (or, if they’re lucky, a few years). The root cause for those misfortunes is rarely traced back to a lack of IT capabilities, but more often ...
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  • Promote Computer Science by Hosting an Hour of Code Event

    by Emily Matzelle  | October 31, 2013
    Knowledge of computer science (CS) is likely to help you get a job, but the actual numbers behind this are even more encouraging: New programming jobs are growing three times faster than the number of students entering the field. More than 50 percent of all math and science jobs are for computer scientists. Computer science jobs are the highest-paying jobs for new graduates. Software powers our economy, but less than 2.4 percent of college students graduate with a CS degree. That means there a ...
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  • Vendors, Partners Give Mediocre Grades on Channel Performance

    by Larry Walsh  | October 31, 2013
    This guest blog entry was written by Larry Walsh of Channelnomics. Vendors and solution providers give critical areas of channel operations and performance mediocre grades in the inaugural Channel Perceptions: Vendors vs. Partners Report by The 2112 Group, finding the channel to be an underperforming go-to-market system for sales and technical support. Vendors and solution providers have strong opinions about the value and performance of the channel. Vendors see solution providers as an int ...
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  • Burnt Partners to Vendors: We’ll Make You Pay for Channel Conflict

    by Larry Walsh  | October 30, 2013
    This guest blog entry was written by Larry Walsh of Channelnomics. Generally speaking, solution providers understand that conflict with their vendor’s direct sales teams will happen occasionally. But, poor channel conflict management that makes the problem chronic will cause them to take actions that ultimately cost their vendors money, according to the Second Annual Channel Conflict Report by the 2112 Group. One-third of solution providers say they will drop a vendor that poorly manages c ...
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  • Why EU Privacy Laws Should Matter to U.S. Tech Companies

    by Matthew Starr  | October 29, 2013
    The European Union’s movement towards stricter privacy rules has the potential to affect any American company involved in data collection and storage, even those that have no connection to Europe at all. Last Monday, the EU took the next step towards strengthening its data protection laws when the Civil Liberties Committee voted to approve new, stricter privacy regulations on how companies collect, store and share data on European citizens. The full European Parliament is expected to vote ...
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  • How Can Crowdfunding Raise Capital for My Company?

    by Lamar Whitman  | October 28, 2013
    Please join us on Wednesday, November 6, at 2:00 p.m. ET to learn more about the new crowdfunding rules just released by the SEC. These new rules will implement the crowdfunding provisions of the “JOBS Act,” which permits a company to raise up to $1 million during a 12-month period. Generally, investors who have an annual income and net worth under $100,000 would be allowed to invest the greater of $2,000 or 5 percent of income during a 12-month period. Investors who have either net ...
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  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework Continues to Evolve

    by Randi Parker  | October 25, 2013
    After a slight delay due to the government shutdown, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has released a draft cybersecurity framework that sets voluntary standards and guidelines. As you may recall, this framework was required under the President’s “Executive Order on Cybersecurity” that Obama issued in February 2013. The framework is the result of four different workshops that were held around the country in which NIST consulted with industry and governme ...
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It’s that time of year when a literal who’s who of channel professionals gather to take on some of the industry’s biggest opportunities and concerns. CompTIA’s Annual Member Meeting convenes April 1 in sunny San Diego with a full slate of interactive group discussions, thought-provoking presentations and numerous networking opportunities. Attendees will also get to partake in this year’s IT Hall of Fame and Lifetime Achievement Awards Dinner, as Robert Faletra and Susan Kare are honored for their contributions to our industry.

Prepare to increase your professional acumen, challenge your current practices and forge new business relationships through all the interactive sessions and networking on tap at this year’s event. You’ll get to engage with some of the best minds in the industry and share your ideas to help advance the IT channel. CompTIA members are a savvy group of entrepreneurs and sales and marketing professionals who give their all to develop initiatives, programs and materials to help IT organizations succeed.

Those are just a couple of the reasons so many solution providers, vendors and distribution executives and other channel professionals come to AMM. They also enjoy the educational discussions and gain new perspectives on their own businesses. Many profit from the top-notch channel connections at the event and forge friendships that can last a lifetime. That professional camaraderie is a core value of CompTIA membership — giving everyone an opportunity to grow their minds, businesses and careers.

That philosophy is clearly demonstrated in the individual CompTIA community meetings at AMM. Each of the collaborative groups works closely with their respective industry specialists.     

The Cloud Community will host a panel discussion led by the respected channel expert and research guru Ryan Morris. “Trends in Channel Business Adaptations for the Cloud” will cover some of the top issues facing those who offer these services, including proper channel alignment, business development and planning, and transformation and business agility.

The IT Services and Support Community is bringing its A-game to AMM with a full agenda of initiative discussions, workshops, research and other activities. Get there early, since Jean Mork Bredeson will lead off the session by addressing one of the most valuable and underutilized tools channel companies have at their disposal. Her presentation, “The New Customer Satisfaction: Using It To Make Money,” will offer insightful information and key recommendations for any business looking to improve its client relationships and revenue goals.  Get your morning started right!

Join the Advancing Women in IT Community’s breakfast meeting and learn about its recent developments, including the rollout of its Dream IT program, including tools and educational resources that will inspire girls and women to pursue careers in the IT industry. With a goal of reaching 10,000 people with its message of encouragement, educational and training suggestions and mentorship opportunities, it can surely use your help. With a greater pool of qualified talent with more diverse ideas, the prospects will be even brighter for channel organizations in the future.

The Managed Services Community has a lot of insightful information to share in its AMM meeting, including some highlights from the group’s recently completed survey. Several of the top managed services challenges identified in this research will be discussed in this session, as well as what the group intends to do to address those areas of concern, including organizational management shortfalls.

Leaders in the Tech Convergence Community will focus a lot of attention on business innovation and what members can do to better achieve their long-term goals. Patrick Houston of CloudBase3 will offer sage advice and lead attendees through a variety of improvement exercises in his business agility workshop, “Planning for Business Change and Managing the Ripple Effect.” Tech Convergence Community members should expect to have some fun and gain a lot of valuable insight.    

Insightful business practices and valued industry research will be key topics in the Managed Print Services Community meeting. Attendees will work on building strong offensive strategies and learn more ways to leverage MPS offerings to grow their businesses. They’ll also get the first look at the latest MPS research from CompTIA and discuss how to changes in the customer-decision-making-process could actually boost their revenue opportunities.

The Mobility Community is bringing together some of the industry’s best and brightest to tackle the toughest questions in the channel with its “Mobile Rumble in the Jungle.” This member debate will cover a number of the hottest practice-related issues in an insightful brainstorming format, intended to inspire some innovative ideas and create a lot of peer-to-peer networking opportunities. Everyone may not always agree and there may be some controversy, but everyone should leave better prepared to make money delivering the mobility solutions and services that their clients want and need.

Regardless of your IT services specialty or the role you play in your particular organization, AMM attendance can help boost to your business acumen, alliances and professional opportunities. If you haven’t already signed up, be sure to register today, scheduled your travel, and start packing for the most collaborative event of the spring.
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