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Advances in technology are accelerating the way in which innovative new products and services can improve our lives. We’re able to better track our health through wearable devices, control our home energy use from our phones, and order just about anything imaginable while sitting on our couches. Behind all of these technologies, of course, lies data, whose methods of utilization power our devices and imagination.

But the questions of who has access to that data, for what purposes, and with whose consent sit at the center of many of the most important policy debates of the day. CompTIA’s Privacy Committee focus is on finding the proper balance between promoting innovation, protecting consumers’ personal information and being a good global citizen. Consumers want and deserve transparency and a reasonable level of privacy and security, but policymakers must also consider the impact of regulations on the creation of new and useful devices and services. As this market continues to develop, policymakers must be careful about crafting solutions to potential problems that have not yet materialized, lest they unintentionally stifle innovation in a thriving new space.

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