The State Tax Committee monitors and advocates on tax policy at the state legislative and regulatory level. Legislative bodies across the nation have been looking for opportunities to increase revenue by expanding existing taxation definitions to include new services and transactions generated by the technology industry. At other times, elected officials seek to alter the tax code via tax incentives. In all these cases the State Tax Committee represents the interests of the technology industry.

CompTIA believes that a competitive tax policy is critical for American technology companies to thrive in the US and internationally. The majority of the Committee's work involves taking positions on specific bills and regulations, specifically focused around digital goods and services. This helps guide CompTIA's State Government Affairs team of lobbyists who advocate on behalf of our membership in state capitols throughout the country.

The Committee also serves as a gathering point for tax professionals in the technology industry as well as a clearinghouse of information for relevant topics, including affiliate nexus; digital goods; preserving current technology incentives; state revenue administration redefining taxable transactions, products or services; nexus issues; SSTP, SaaS and discriminatory tax treatment of certain technologies or technology services.

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