Lori Jolley

Director - Strategic Reach AT&T Partner Solutions,

A wireless industry veteran since 1989, Lori began her career with Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems in St. Louis, Missouri. Lori is now part of the AT&T Partner Solutions organization as Director of Strategic Reach responsible for growth planning, analytics, recruiting, and coordinating communications with other AT&T Partner Exchange organizations.

Early in her career Lori developed the financial and sales strategies for National Retailers to sell wireless products and services, and established initial relationships with National Retailers such as Radio Shack, Sears, and Best Buy. She moved to Dallas in 1998 to continue the expansion of Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems wireless sales through National Retailers. Early 2000 she joined the SBC Alliance organization to guide the integration teams responsible for, at the time, Cingular Wireless and SBC. During this time she had multiple responsibilities including the development of the sales models for SBC call centers to sell wireless, wireless/wireline product development, and navigating the joint ownership relationship of Cingular with Bell South. Later in the 2000’s she developed the five year broadband customer premises equipment roadmap and subsequently joined the broadband marketing team. At the time of the Bell South acquisition by SBC she joined the merger team which in turn also supported the AT&T merger on the Retail Consumer side. Lori subsequently led the deployment of wired product sales in the AT&T Retail stores where she stayed for five years. She joined the AT&T Partner Exchange team in February 2013.

Lori graduated from Southwest Missouri State University, attended Webster University, and is the mother of two children, Chase and Brooke, both attending A & M University.