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  • Our community is the forward-thinking voice of the Canadian technology industry and of those who influence the adoption of technology for business applications.

    As part of the world’s largest nonprofit technology association, the CBT Community offers a unique voice where existing & emerging industry leaders can collaboratively share insights and join forces to impact and improve the future of our industry.

    Throughout the year we offer opportunities for you to attend our meet-ups and community meetings for an opportunity to:

    • Foster business development opportunities and connections through networking.
    • Access an open, vendor-neutral, forum to collaborate and address common goals and issues.
    • Develop impactful initiatives that transform the entire Canadian industry.
    • Provide education and thought leadership on best business practices and technology trends.

What We Do

The market is changing at a historical pace, adding daily pressure and demands on IT businesses, The CBT Community's focus for 2016 will revolve around how to manage and even thrive in today’s highly dynamic market.

This community seeks to be the voice of the entire Canadian IT channel, for small-, medium- and enterprise-focused businesses. As part of a nonprofit, vendor-neutral industry association, the CBT community offers a unique voice in the industry where all can participate for the purpose of improving and shaping the future of the IT industry through:

  • Creation of an open, vendor-neutral, industry forum to address common goals and issues
  • Development of initiatives that serve the entire Canadian channel
  • Canadian channel education on best business practices and technology trends
  • Fostering Canadian channel business development opportunities through networking opportunities

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