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Technology is the backbone of modern-day business and one of the most rapidly evolving markets. With a plethora of developing opportunities, business models, and cybersecurity threats, the industry is undergoing swift and continual change.

CompTIA Advisory Councils provide a forum for discussing these crucial business transformations and helping those in the industry keep abreast of the latest developments. Our appointed members identify, discuss, debate and prioritize issues and challenges that impact the broader technology ecosystem, including HW manufacturers, SW publishers, service providers, integrators, distributors, business applications and platforms, specialized partners, end users and other technology professionals.

The Industry Advisory Councils engage with a broader ecosystem of business technology players to expand the association’s scope, mission, and presence. They encourage and enable new routes to market and focus on cross industry collaboration to help drive the adoption of emerging technologies into mainstream business.

Advisory Council members are essential to CompTIA’s mission. With incredible insight and broad industry expertise, they help develop long-term strategies and plan critical projects that advance business prospects for technology professionals. The mission of our Industry Advisory Councils is to:

  • Understand new and emerging technology ecosystems
  • Increase Awareness Through Development of Council Content
  • Identify and develop industry best practice standards
  • Drive Adoption of New and Emerging Technologies into Mainstream Business