2017 State CIO Survey: A New Engine: Driving Innovation in State Technology

Shifting business models, emerging technologies that redefine “IT” and the drive to implement digital government lead a long list of challenges facing state CIOs, according to the CompTIA-NASCIO 2017 State CIO Survey: A New Engine: Driving Innovation in State Technology.

The report presents results of a survey of state CIOs on a range of issues, from cybersecurity and cloud migration plans to data management and the delivery of digital government services.

Almost all CIOs surveyed report they lead or participate in cybersecurity policy setting. More than 80 percent are responsible for setting overall direction and oversight. In contrast, only 64 percent are directly responsible for program execution.

There is growing recognition among state CIOs of the need to address emerging technologies by design rather than by default.

States continue to struggle to find and keep qualified IT talent, especially in the area of cybersecurity. Generally, IT job candidates do not perceive state government as an attractive and challenging work environment. When asked about the single personnel change that would be effective in reforming the state IT workforce, "modernizing IT job titles and classifications" ranked highest (31 percent).

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