2018 State CIO Survey

In this ninth annual state CIO survey we were privileged to receive the perspective of all 50 state CIOs on the factors and trends driving the adoption of enterprise IT in the states.

The timing of this year’s survey is particularly in¬teresting, coming as it does immediately prior to an election cycle that will likely see a sig¬nificant turnover in the ranks of many states’ most senior technology officials. Given this, we wanted to use this year’s survey as a means for the current cadre of state CIOs to offer advice to a new generation of technology leaders that may soon be taking office.

Some key themes that emerged from this year’s survey are the:

  • Continued evolution of the role of the state CIO
  • Diversity of skills needed to succeed in that role
  • Disruption that digital technologies are continuing to impose in the state technology landscape.