A Functional IT Framework

What are the trends and objectives common to how CIOs, CTOs, and IT managers are restructuring their organizations? In what ways are they refashioning their best practices around innovations in all four pillars of information technology: Infrastructure, Development, Security, and Data?

In A Functional IT Framework, CompTIA outlines the roles that IT personnel play in supporting, maintaining, and evolving each of these four pillars.

  • Learn how network operators fulfill the foundational role, perfecting the maintenance practices and everyday processes that not only support the infrastructure for IT workloads, but frame its architecture.
  • Find out how developers are driving mobile practices by adopting new frameworks better suited for the mobile applications and Web sites of the modern era.
  • See how security engineers are remodeling organizational culture by educating users about everyday best practices and more principled business transactions with partners and customers.
  • Discover how data managers are broadening the scope of department functions by extending the functionality of databases and data stores across business units, dissolving silos while expanding their organizational foundations.

While the foundations of information technology are essentially the same pillars they’ve been since the creation of data storage, their relevance and their relative contributions to the industry as a whole are always in flux. Tasks that are said to define the new era of IT — for example, extracting insights from analytics — are produced through interactions among at least two of the four pillars. Download this report now, and better understand the dynamics between the fundamental forces in IT.

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