At the dawn of 2015, the quantity of data being consumed by organizations was skyrocketing — some would say, out of control. Although storage was becoming cheap and cloud infrastructure had become commoditized, the problem of managing overflowing volumes of data, and making sense of its contents, had become daunting. And it had threatened to become overwhelming.

This November 2015 research report on Big Data Insights and Opportunities from CompTIA is based on a survey of some 402 IT professionals. It captures a snapshot of the IT industry, as it addressed a growing wave of concerns over how they should take advantage of the opportunities new big data tools presented them — and how quickly they could do so. Here are some of the emergent statistics:

  • Trying to make more sense. Two respondents in five believe their organizations are doing well with real-time analysis of incoming data, while at least as many would like to improve how they analyze that data’s implicit relationships.
  • Time is of the essence. Nearly two respondents in five cite wasted time as their organizations’ greatest shortcoming to effective data usage, while nearly half say they believe effective data usage leads to better and faster business decisions.
  • Culture change not a line item. Fewer than one in five believe the adoption of big data is compelling them to reduce organizational silos.

Find out how organizations adapted to one of the greatest technological and infrastructural shifts ever to affect business, in this comprehensive report from CompTIA.

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