Digital transformation has become a watchword for many businesses. In a new era defined by cloud computing and mobile strategies, companies are pursuing new IT tools, and the best use of tools requires a disruption to operational procedures.

CompTIA’s new research explores the different aspects of this corporate evolution. As companies seek success with new products and new customers, there are many areas that must be addressed in order to become a digital organization.

This report, featuring interviews with business and technology professionals, focuses on these key points:

Technological Blindside
Organizations recognize that technology trends can allow upstarts to enter a market and upend an entire industry. Therefore, staying up on technological innovations is imperative.

Business Friendly Technology
Technology is less about hardware and more about IoT, cloud computing, and machine learning.  These technologies are easier for business personnel to understand conceptually and more relevant.  

Reigning in the Rogues
Rogue IT has matured into a more systematic framework that lets the business self-service technology needs in a safe sandbox and lets business and technology personnel closely collaborate through innovation labs and matrixed organizational structures.  

Top Line/strong>
Digital transformation isn’t about digitizing the exiting business, it’s about putting the business on a footing to rapidly innovate and seize opportunities.

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