What does it take for a modern city to go from digital to smart?

The smart cities phrase is well on its way to be included in our common technology vocabulary, but reality reveals that a true smart city is still a construct of the future.

This CompTIA research report offers detailed insight about the current smart city trends, barriers and opportunities: Urban areas are embracing the availability of more and more smart technologies, but the path to an enabled smart city has numerous challenges that still need to be solved.

Among the issues covered:

  • Catching up with smart city concepts
    Our research indicates that citizens and governments are not sufficiently familiar with smart city concepts. There is a distinct need of ongoing exposure to virtual assistants, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and robotics.
  • Evaluating technology foundations
    Municipalities are tasked to evaluate the very foundation of their information technology (IT) deployments, including IT architecture and broadband infrastructure, workflows, user experience (UX), as well as staff training to be able to support the ecosystem of a smart city.
  • Putting data to work
    The grade of success of a smart city is significantly impacted by the ability of a government to collect, analyze and use data efficiently.
  • Keeping cybersecurity in focus
    Cybersecurity has manifested itself as a critical component of smart cities and requires the consideration and mitigation of worst-case-scenarios using strong cybersecurity fundamentals – including cyber training, coupled with the agility required to address emerging threats.

Download the report this report today to get the full details on how to build smart cities and communities.

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