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What are the steps a successful IT Solution Provider takes to ensure its business adheres to professional standards and good practices? CompTIA’s face-to-face training is the best way for you to prepare to build a successful IT business, borrowing the wisdom from members who’ve actually achieved it. This valuable workbook will get you ready for that training, as well as provide a framework to guide you in interacting with trainers.

This Channel Standards Workbook is divided into five sections, each of which pertains to doing business as a solutions provider. Each section provides a list of fundamental business concepts, which is then broken down into four constituent parts:

  • Intelligent business practices succinctly summarize the key goal in utilizing the business concept properly, ethically, and efficiently.
  • Explanation and clarification proceeds into further detail, spelling out the particulars involved in meeting that goal, in a format you can easily comprehend and share with your colleagues without a translator.
  • Questions to consider give you a checklist of tasks and milestones that should be addressed before that goal may be considered achieved.
  • Recommended practices provides you with nuggets of expertise collected from CompTIA members with decades of experience in the channel, helping you discover the best practices that are most appropriate for your situation.

Put the expertise and wisdom of CompTIA’s channel professionals to work for you, in building an efficient, profitable, and ethical business. Download this workbook now, and begin your self-assessment of how your IT solution provider business will grow and thrive.

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