Channel Standard: Managed Print Provider

A managed print provider is a particular class of IT service provider, managing the documents and publications produced by businesses, and the resources they consume. CompTIA’s Channel Standard for IT Solution Providers lays the groundwork for best practices for information technology firms. This special Channel Standard for Managed Print Providers amends that standard, with the principles and practices that are particular to doing business as an MPP.

Like the IT Solution Provider standard, the MPP standard is divided into five categories:

  • Business Generation outlines the topics you’ll need to master to get started in business, including those specific to managed print services.
  • Delivery & Operations lists the subjects necessary to achieve proficiency in conducting business transactions, such as incident management and preventative maintenance.
  • Customer Relations lists the elements you’ll need to understand to maintain working relationships with customers, such as maintaining help desks.
  • Business Management introduces you to the programs CompTIA offers for implementing sound, ethical business practices.
  • Business Direction shows you the methods you should put in place for ensuring the long-term resilience of your organization.

Serving the print services management needs of customers requires your IT services firm to be a special type of organization. Download this Channel Standard guide now and discover how high you can raise the bar for your own service provider.

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