Channel Standard Workbook: Cybersecurity

The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology has put forth five pillars of IT security — Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover — which it recommends as the collective foundation for a sound, comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. CompTIA’s Channel Standard for Cybersecurity puts these five pillars to work for you and the organizations you serve. This 106-page workbook helps you assemble a replete cybersecurity agenda, complete with a checklist of activities and recommendations for developing a set of best practices for your organization.

  • Each pillar is divided into key categories describing a particular aspect of an organization’s cybersecurity initiative.
  • Within each category is a list of tasks to be achieved, each one dependent upon the one before it.
  • Each task has a brief, concise goal that you can easily comprehend, and that you can communicate to your colleagues without a translator.
  • To achieve each of these goals, there’s a set of questions you ask yourself and your team. Their responses will help you develop the best specific course of action for your organization, based on its unique company structure, business model, and customer base.
  • Each task features a set of recommendations based on countless years of combined experience from

CompTIA experts, to help you discover the best practices that are right for your situation. Put the expertise and wisdom of CompTIA’s channel professionals to work for you. Download the IT Channel Standards Workbook now, and take your first steps towards best practices for your organization.