Full Report January 2018

CompTIA IT Security Toolkit

Cybersecurity is a coordinated system — not a state of being, not an attitude, not a feeling. At its heart are people, not machines. Too often, people are ascribed to be the cause of security failures rather than the source of its successes. With CompTIA’s IT Security Toolkit, you’ll be given the tools and policies you need to empower the people in your organization to assemble an effective and resilient system of cybersecurity.

With these key components in place, you and your cybersecurity team can draw the right conclusions, make the right choices, and execute the best plans. You can become the source of wisdom and the center of resilience for your organization. Download this IT Security Toolkit now and discover where your journey toward effective cybersecurity begins, and where it will lead.

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From a practical standpoint, IT security comes down to some basic things. You may not be able to prevent everything coming your way, but by implementing the suggestions found in this toolkit, you can have a puncher’s chance.