toolkitToday’s customer is intelligent, resourceful, and well-informed. Reaching this customer effectively requires a strategy that focuses on building customer value. This Marketing Tool Kit from CompTIA leads you through an eight-stage strategic process for building a comprehensive marketing plan for reaching today’s customer, guiding your business solutions through their entire life cycles, conscientiously but with agility.

This Tool Kit offers information-packed guides to help you understand the right objectives for each stage of your solution’s development, plus matrix templates to help you assess market opportunities and competitive advantages. Learn the four key components of every great value proposition, and discover how you can tailor your marketing plan to better distinguish your brand. Widen the scope of your target market, while giving priority to its “sweet spots” and the “sweeter spots.”

Learn the best practices of CMOs who have successfully produced marketing campaigns online, and how they optimize their content for search engines. Choose the right objectives for your campaign’s strategy. Download CompTIA’s Marketing Tool Kit now, and map out your journey from a fuzzy concept to a cohesive strategy.