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CompTIA Quick Start Guide to Building a Managed Services Sales Team ANZ

The managed services aspect of the information technology channel is growing fast, perhaps to eventually encompass the IT channel in its entirety. As new infrastructure technologies make it possible for organizations to move IT assets to and from public cloud platforms as necessary, business models for service providers are changing. More customers, large and small, are trusting managed service providers (MSPs) to administer both their IT infrastructure and their applications lifecycles.

This Quick Start Guide from CompTIA gives you a comprehensive framework for transitioning your IT services business to an MSP business model, leveraging the collective experience and wisdom of CompTIA member professionals. Here’s some of the steps you’ll take:

  • Assess your current capabilities to provide some or all the managed services your customers need, using the resources and associates you already have.
  • Plan how to build the level of trust your customers will require, for them to willingly entrust you with the information lifeblood of their organizations.
  • Select the right people to serve as your sales team, representing not just your company’s marketing vision but also its experience and integrity.
  • Train your sales team to adopt the right attitude and approach, representing your services with honesty and principle while highlighting their value to customers.
  • Organize your compensation scheme to serve as a motivating factor for sales associates, while maintaining fairness and responsibility.

Begin your transition to a modern managed services organization, by downloading this Quick Start Guide now and projecting your firm’s place in this new sales environment.

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