CompTIA Quick Start Guide to Cash Management Strategies

Strategic cash management is a discipline that requires you to be both flexible and principled, to know your limits and also know when and where you can be elastic. This Quick Start Guide to Cash Management Strategies from CompTIA introduces you to two approaches to controlling the flow of cash in your organization.

When your business has the luxury of time saved and cash in reserve, the strategic approach keeps you on track and meeting your goals. You’ll see how to use lines of credit wisely, how to treat reasonable spending limits as goals worth achieving, how to choose wise business investments, and how to maintain budget disciplines amid pressures from all sides to spend more.

But when your business is out of time and cash is tight, we’ll show you the tactical cash management approach. It’s a way to prioritize expenses and maintain budget principles, while building up a minimum cash reserve. You’ll see how to lead your business’ finances through a worst-case scenario. Download this guide now and learn how today’s smartest finance managers plan for every contingency.

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