CompTIA Quick Start Guide to Entering a New Vertical Market UK

What does it take to tackle a niche market? The first thing most solution providers ask when considering whether to focus on vertical or niche markets is, of course, what are the benefits? There are plenty of benefits, in fact. Higher revenues, better margins, lower cost of sales, increased velocity of order flow and a bigger average order size are just a few.

Many organizations that are successful in a particular vertical market find that there is a geometric increase in order flow and velocity. For example, if it takes ten months to sell the first three vertical accounts, it will take five months to sell the next three, two and a half to sell the next three and so on. This occurs because your reference accounts start to help you, your name recognition in the marketplace increases, your messaging gets better, your sales presentations get sharper, and your ability to become a trusted business advisor increases. So, how do you get there? The CompTIA Quick Start Guide to Entering a New Vertical Market offers ten steps to help you build an effective plan to assist your organization in becoming a dominant provider of IT solutions to your chosen vertical market.

CompTIA Quick Start Guides

CompTIA Quick Start Guides offer readers step-by-step instructions in a particular technology or market. Each guide provides an overview of market opportunities, industry best practices, actionable advice from those who have been successful in that particular business segment, and a valuable checklist of resources needed to build an IT practice.

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