CompTIA Quick Start Guide to Security Compliance

Security in business, like security in information technology, is a collective, collaborative activity, not a state of being. Compliance is but a means of asserting that an organization has taken the requisite steps necessary to demonstrate to its partners and its customers that it cares about security, and to that end, it abides by its principles. Too often, the security topic is introduced to organizations as a means of responding to threats. A purely responsive strategy can only play defense. Compliance is the first step toward seizing control of the game.

This Quick Start Guide to compliance from CompTIA will reorient your security mindset away from incursion and response, toward the broader situation in which all organizations with intellectual assets participate today:

  • Understanding Negligence introduces you to a topic rarely heard in infosec discussions: tort law. How should you prepare to deal with claims of negligence arising from security incidents, regardless of whether you’re liable?
  • Building a Cybersecurity Program lists the building blocks of a true security initiative, and demonstrates the role that compliance plays in that initiative.
  • Fundamental Cybersecurity for Businesses Not in Regulated Industries examines the neglected topic of your organization’s obligations, when its target industry falls outside an existing compliance framework.
  • Finally, see how existing frameworks for Healthcare, Financial Services, and Government Contractors raise issues worth addressing by organizations in all industries.

If you outsource your IT management to an MSP, does that absolve you from liability? Download this guide now for this critical question, and more.

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