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Creating a 21st Century Workforce: STEM Education

While outdated immigration and education policies contribute to the existing workforce challenges the American economy is facing, there is no single solution to closing the skills gap. However, reforming our nation’s STEM education policies to meet the needs of today’s economic landscape is a vital first step to ensuring the technology industry –and our economy as a whole –can rely on a strong, skilled workforce as it continues to grow and compete globally.

This white paper focuses on strengthening the technology workforce through STEM education. We’ll discuss the state of the technology workforce and how the skills gap is affecting the industry. And then, we’ll offer up six policy recommendations to close the gap:

  • Public investments in P-20 STEM education
  • Public investments in underrepresented communities
  • Increased promotion of alternative pathways into the workforce
  • Increased deployment and adoption of private sector-led initiatives
  • Increased adoption of experiential learning
  • Increased emphasis on the “T” in STEM

Download this white paper to better understand the skills gap and STEM education, and how policy can play a role in strengthening the 21st century workforce.

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