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Federal Technology Convergence Commission Report

Social media, mobility, analytics, and cloud (SMAC) are technologies that have all made their mark independently and are rapidly changing the world. When converged (SMAC convergence), these technologies possess a unique power with dramatic implications for government across a wide range of areas.

The Federal Technology Convergence Commission Report identifies the potential impact that converged technologies could have on government communication, cooperation, and the ability to address the nation’s most significant issues.

Although convergence takes many forms, all occurrences of convergence share the same three characteristics:

  • Multiple interactions – there is mass participation and active engagement
  • Decentralized control – there is no single controlling authority
  • Distributed problem solving – problems that no individual can solve are handled collectively

While describing convergence based on technology merely leads to a collection of disparate perspectives, the Commission organized its research based on convergence’s overall impact. SMAC convergence impact analysis and Commission recommendations are presented in the following areas:

  • International Outlook
  • Federal Public-Sector Community Impact
  • Convergence and the Individual Citizen
  • CIO Guidelines
  • Workforce
  • Procurement

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