Impact of Certifications and Training on Career Milestones

Technology has moved from the IT department to desktops, tablets and phones in every pocket. When an organization senses an opportunity, it frequently uses new technology to streamline or connect parts of the business. In a digitally transforming world, IT staff must perform at an increasingly high level.

This IDC white paper, sponsored by CompTIA, sought to understand how that performance plays out over time and at different points in an IT professional's career. Building on prior research, IDC found that staff with industry-relevant certifications are more valuable to their employer than staff who are not certified.

Well-trained and certified IT professionals continue their accelerated performance and demonstrate increased capability and lifetime value to the enterprise in ways such as the following:

  • Time to first promotion: IT professionals who are certified before their first position are 50% more likely to get a promotion within one year of first being hired than "never certified" IT professionals.
  • Increased rate of promotions: CompTIA-certified IT professionals are promoted almost twice as often as noncertified IT professionals.
  • Performance in their role: CompTIA-certified IT professionals consistently outperform noncertified IT professionals in most security-related activities and network administration activities.
  • Professional influence: Certified IT professionals have up to 30% greater influence overall than noncertified IT professionals with the same tenure.

With these findings, IDC continues to believe that CIOs and IT leaders should leverage IT certifications as a hiring criterion for both career entrants and experienced hires and as part of a strategic skills development program.

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