International Trends in Cybersecurity - India

Businesses are more concerned than ever about vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure and the nefarious characters that threaten their critical and confidential information. Across the 12 countries covered in CompTIA’s International Trends in Cybersecurity, nearly 8 out of 10 managers responsible for network and data protection expect security to become an even higher priority for their company over the next two years.

Due to the evolving nature of IT, the great majority of organizations have had to respond by changing the way their company approaches security. In most of the countries surveyed, one of the greatest factors has been the change in IT operations, especially as firms move to the cloud or implement new mobility strategies.

Of all the vulnerabilities, human error is playing an even larger role in business security breaches today compared to two years ago, especially for companies in maturing economies. To counter those threats, approximately 9 in 10 firms are now employing security training to assess or improve knowledge among employees.

Many organizations are also putting a greater value on hiring employees who have IT security certifications, illustrating the increasing demand for professionals with those advanced skills. Overall, 8 in 10 managers indicate that IT security certifications are very valuable (38%) or valuable (42%) in terms of validating security-related knowledge/skills or evaluating job candidates.

About This Research

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) International Trends in Cybersecurity is a quantitative research report on behaviors, techniques, and opportunities associated with IT security across 12 different countries. The collected information came from 1,509 IT and business executives that were divided into two distinct categories: Maturing Economies (Brazil, India, Malaysia, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand, and the UAE) and Mature Economies (Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, and the UK).

In addition to country, the survey demographics covered a variety of job roles, company sizes, and industries. A snapshot file with specific information relating to each country covered in the survey is available for download, as is a comprehensive document that includes each individual report.

The CompTIA International Trends in Cybersecurity report and all country snapshots can be found here:

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