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Managed services is, at its essence, a form of outsourcing. The model involves contracting with a third-party provider to handle one or more of the IT functions of a business, be it with email, a help desk or even security. Though it’s tricky territory to navigate, a successful managed services business earns high margins and takes in a stable monthly income through recurring revenue.

Whether you’re interested in exploring managed services or want to improve your current offerings, know that the shift to managed services has not been smooth for all companies, particularly in how those companies approach sales. Tools in the Managed Services bundle cover the ecosystem of managed services, as well as ways to train your sales staff and compensate them accordingly. Dig deep and earn the related executive certificate: it’s exactly what you need if you’re trying to succeed in vendor partnerships.

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1. Trends in IT Managed Services

To land clients, you’ve got to get in their heads: What does your end-user mean when they say “managed services” — and is it what you provide? How do they vet the people they bring on board and most importantly, what do they look for in a service level agreement? CompTIA’s 3rd Annual Trends in Managed Services study captures that critical information and dispels it into usage patterns, preferences and general attitudes to fine-tune your offerings toward growth and profitability.

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2. Quick Start Guide to Managing a Managed Services Sales Organization

Managed services works because it offers higher margins and stable recurring revenue, but creating a high-achieving managed services organization takes a number of practical steps. Use our step-by-step process to build a successful sales organization, using insights and best practices based what’s worked for real companies in the industry. Learn to target the right market and create a sales process, plus aligned sales collateral and marketing materials that differentiate your business.

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3. Buying Guide for Managed Services

Nearly every decision in managed services involves vetting, pricing and contractual terms — a lot to consider a lot of the time. The Buying Guide for Managed Services gives you a framework to ask the right questions, and ensure that an informed decision is made. The buying guide includes a managed services primer, considerations and decision factors, and questions to ask before buying, including the discussions that need to take place between managed services providers and the internal staff to get peace of mind, clarity and maximum return from your investment.

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4. Executive Certificate in Profitable Partnerships with your Vendors

This four-course certificate, available to Premier Members, covers vendor-channel structures and operations, channel actors and roles, and the value propositions and metrics used by vendors to determine where to place resources. The Executive Certificate in Profitable Partnerships begins with channel basics, giving you an understanding of vendors and channel programs, and leads up to strategies to align with different vendor programs and organizations.

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5. Quick Start Guide to Improving Sales Performance with Solution Playbooks

Teach your sales team how to ask the right ques¬tions — the ones that will help you develop total solutions for customers — using the Quick Start Guide to Improving Sales Performance with Solution Playbooks. This is fundamental training designed to help sales people understand the challenges customers face.

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