Leverage the Internet of Things With These Five Tools

Create IoT Revenue Opportunities

Money-making opportunities associated with the Internet of Things (IoT) are coming into focus for companies across the IT channel. But before you jump into anything you must have a solid understanding of the ecosystem that allows extension of existing lines of business.

In fact, most offerings do not span every area of the IoT ecosystem. The IoT ecosystem is complex, composed of hardware, software, rules and services built on top of foundational components. Outside of early consulting, which will necessarily touch on all areas as strategy is defined, channel efforts tend to focus on one or two areas of the ecosystem. This makes sense; initiatives of this magnitude are unlikely to come in a box, and end-users will have to utilize a range of vendors and partners to build their solutions.

The newest resource bundle from CompTIA takes a deep dive into IoT, and includes the tools you need to learn more about the IoT ecosystem and trends, evaluate the marketplace, learn how other companies are leveraging IoT, and identify where opportunities lie within smart cities.

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Here are five resources to get you started.


1. Internet of Things Trends and Opportunities

Dramatic changes in technology have accelerated previous notions of connected devices – evolving the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT). Current estimates project that by 2020, 50.1 billion things will be connected and have some level of intelligence. Download CompTIA’s Internet of Things Trends and Opportunities report to examine the current and future state of IoT from the perspective of technology, the channel and end-users. You’ll get an overview of the market; a look at how the channel is engaging with IoT; and a picture of how IoT can and will impact your customers.

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2. Mastering the Internet of Things: Case Studies

Learn how four IT service providers – Axians, Dimension Data, Impetus Technologies and Presidio Inc. – are riding the wave of the Internet of Things; an ecosystem spanning a new generation of consumer and industrial devices that connect to the Internet. Presidio got into IoT concentrating on connected vehicles, building management and community engagement. Dimension entered the market servicing the Tour de France. Axians focused on power consumption – specifically in lighting. Impetus went as far as building its own software platform for IoT.

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3. Building Smarter Cities

Many facets of our cities are ripe for reinvention. Inexpensive computing, sensors and data storage, coupled with reasonable, fast wireless connectivity and a large base of tech-savvy users provide the foundational ingredients for digitizing our cities. Add in cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and robotics and a Jetsons-like future seems increasingly within reach. CompTIA’s Building Smarter Cities research brief examines how federal, state and local governments are navigating the quickly evolving IoT trend and, by extension, the smart cities trend.

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4. Tech on the Horizon: From VR to Bots

CompTIA’s Tech on the Horizon: From VR to Bots research brief examines technologies in pre-adoption stages. The study measures general awareness of different trends among channel firms and end-users and gauges potential business impact. End-user awareness is generally healthy, and channel firms have some work to do to build up their expertise in these fields as customer interest increases. End-users have a more bullish outlook when it comes to the potential business impact of future technology. Channel firms are likely more cautious based on experience integrating technology and making it enterprise grade, but they will have to find the middle ground between previous practices and experimentation.

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5. Ecosystem Slide Share Deck

The Internet of Things ecosystem is made of four main parts. Hardware encompasses everything from the newly connected devices to the networks and servers needed to support operations. Software includes all applications that access or control these connected systems, and those applications can come from a variety of providers. Rules and standards will be needed in order to realize the true potential of the technology. Finally, services will be laid on top of this complex landscape to provide value for a broad range of companies. This presentation examines these parts that make up the IoT ecosystem.

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