Quick Start Guide to Accelerating Your Cloud Business

CompTIA research of end users and channel partners shows that indications are high for continued robust growth for cloud applications and cloud infrastructure. Customer demand for IaaS and SaaS cloud components will accelerate as they pursue digital business strategies.

Recent CompTIA studies have found that both end users and channel firms have moved past uncertainty around cloud offerings and are embracing cloud as a primary model for building infrastructure and executing IT operations. Channel partners have the same opportunity. With end users looking beyond cloud basics to solve their business problems, channel partners who have only participated in delivering cloud basics themselves – offering only simple cloud solution referrals or basic SaaS resale - should now be looking to elevate their cloud practices.

In order to take your cloud practice to the next level and truly tap into the power of the cloud model for your business, you will want to understand the key success factors that other channel firms are using to drive their success. You will also have some key decisions to make regarding whether to build, buy or partner to acquire the new competencies required for your successful growth. And finally, you will need to develop new tools and techniques to manage the financial aspects of your cloud practice. This guide will walk you through the steps to take your cloud business to the next level!

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