Six Steps to Success in the Internet of Things

Six Steps to Success in the Internet of Things
(and 12 free CompTIA resources to help along the way!)

Money-making opportunities associated with the Internet of Things (IoT) are coming into focus for companies across the IT channel. But before you jump into anything you must have a solid understanding of the ecosystem that allows extension of existing lines of business.

Follow these six steps which include the tools you need to ensure your success in the Internet of Things ecosystem.

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1. Understand the market.


Internet of Things Insights and Opportunities Research Study

This research report illustrates what IT service businesses are doing now and what they plan to move into. You’ll get an overview of the market; a look at how the channel is engaging with IoT; and a picture of how IoT can and will impact your customers.

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2. Learn from others.


Master the Internet of Things Case Studies

Learn how four IT service providers are riding the wave of the Internet of Things; an ecosystem spanning a new generation of consumer and industrial devices that connect to the Internet. Presidio got into IoT concentrating on connected vehicles, building management and community engagement. Dimension entered the market servicing the Tour de France. Axians focused on power consumption – specifically in lighting. Impetus went as far as building its own software platform for IoT.

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3. Make a plan.


CompTIA Quick Start Guide to the Internet of Things

This is how-to guide that draws on recent IT industry research to illuminate opportunities in the emerging field of the Internet of Things along with the best practices to harness those opportunities in your managed IT services business.

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CompTIA Quick Start Guide to Business Agility

In the changing business technology landscape, some channel businesses thrive, while others struggle to survive. This short how-to guide assists small-to-medium business leaders align their organizations with new market realities.

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4. Master your fundamentals.


It services businesses, especially MSPs, must have their cloud and mobility capabilities at maximum efficiency, while maintaining security awareness, in order to move forward in IoT.

ONLINE Executive Certificate in Cloud (Intermediate)

This online, self-paced course is a deep dive in delivering cloud services. While much of the cloud-focused training currently available addresses generalities about business model transformation, this certificate program delves into the specifics of growing a cloud-based business.

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ONLINE Executive Certificate in Mobility

Attend this interactive workshop to examine different opportunities in the mobile space and investigate a framework for establishing a mobile strategy. You’ll also consider the concept of mobile management and examine the stages of the mobile device lifecycle.

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ONLINE Executive Certificate in IT Security

Learn to gauge the impact of emerging trends on your customers' businesses, to explore ways to facilitate meaningful conversations around security and to leverage those conversations in the design and implementation of appropriate IT solutions.

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5. Stretch your current practice into new areas.


The how to guides below discuss how to successfully integrate new value-added services into an existing portfolio to make the most of existing and new client relationships for maximum ROI.



6. Conquer a vertical.

QSG to Entering a New Vertical

CompTIA Quick Start Guide to Entering a New Vertical

Another way to find profitability in IoT is to specialize. This guide covers everything from creating client profiles to developing training programs, and identifying initial sales targets when entering a new vertical.

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