Today, the Canadian IT market represents slightly less than 3% of the worldwide total. With increasing demand for managed services and cloud computing, and end users investing in increasingly broader uses of technology, there’s a strong sense of optimism among IT firms throughout the region. With the channel itself undergoing fresh transitions in the face of such trends, Canadian channel professionals are poised to face a new set of challenges in 2016.

Part of this stems from the evolving market causing relevant shifts throughout the channel, with a notable number of practitioners undergoing structural changes and adopting new outlooks. While a relatively large number of veteran firms continue to stay the course in terms of their business model, a sizable number have already fully embraced managed services or cloud, while others have adapted a variation of the hybrid model.

The State of the Channel – Canada study delves into the size, shape and growth factors influencing these trends. It offers deep analysis of today’s most pressing topics and provides knowledge and applicable insights while examining the channel’s most pressing hurdles. The quantitative study consisted of an online survey of Canadian IT channel firm executives and professionals during September 2015. In total, 200 companies participated in the survey.

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