Tech Trade Snapshot 2016

How does the United States fare, compared with the rest of the world, with respect to trade in information technology goods and services? According to the U.S. Census Bureau at the time of this writing, IT exports from the U.S. for the previous year exceeded imports by an average of over $7 billion monthly. What does this trade imbalance mean in the bigger picture of international trade and the global economy?

This April 2016 Tech Trade Snapshot from CompTIA provides a snapshot of the country’s IT trade situation, based on data compiled from the U.S. International Trade Administration and other official sources. Here’s some of the data you’ll find:

  • U.S. exports of cloud-based software services (SaaS) were steadily declining year-over-year.
  • The annual combined value of U.S. manufactured tech goods exports remained nearly flat over a five-year period, while the value of manufactured imports steadily rose over the same period.
  • A state-by-state breakdown of manufactured tech exports reveals that California is catching up with Texas in total annual export value per year.
  • The state of Texas exported nearly $24.5 billion in total IT goods and services to Mexico in the year 2015 — the largest such sum for any state that year.
  • The state of Oregon exported some $342.3 million in tech goods and services to Vietnam in 2015 — accounting for 37.5% of all U.S. exports to that country, and a greater share than any other state, including California.

Download this snapshot now and learn more about the state of American IT.

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