UK Small and Medium Enterprise Technology Adoption Trends

As in all markets, small and medium enterprises (SME) are the primary component of the UK economy. While information technology (IT) is becoming a critical part of any modern company, these smaller firms in particular have a unique dependence on technology. Though they have limited capital, they are typically willing to spend money on technology because it can give them capabilities on par with larger enterprises. Many large technology vendors have distinct groups that focus on sales and support for SMEs, and understanding the current practices and challenges related to IT at these firms is of high importance when establishing a relationship.

This two-part study examines the technology trends among UK SMEs, including device usage, budget plans and familiarity with emerging technologies. Key points include: Small and medium enterprises have a unique dependence on technology as a tool for providing a competitive advantage; IT concerns at these small enterprises are usually legacy systems and education; and while many SMEs have adequate office equipment, network solutions are not as robust. The online survey was fielded in June 2011 to 44 UK SMEs in a wide range of industries.

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