CompTIA Advisory Boards

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The Policy Executive Board (PXB)

The Policy Executive Board (PXB) is composed of senior leaders from CompTIA’s corporate members and enterprise associates who oversee and coordinate CompTIA's policy committees. The mission of the PXB will be to ensure all policy committees are aware of policy positions and initiatives, seek consensus for those positions, and provide guidance on the growth and direction of CompTIA advocacy activities.

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The CompTIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board (CCAB)

The CompTIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board (CCAB) addresses many of the most pressing cybersecurity concerns facing business and government. The CCAB consists of cybersecurity professionals from a variety of disciplines to ensure well-rounded discussions and outcomes. The board works to identify opportunities for CompTIA to develop cybersecurity initiatives that advance our nation’s cybersecurity readiness. In addition, the CCAB assesses current CompTIA activities relating to cybersecurity and recommends how to integrate those efforts with other thought leaders on the topic while also identifying gaps in the cybersecurity ecosystem that CompTIA might consider filling.

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