Our Structure

State Government Affairs

The CompTIA State Government Affairs Program (SGA) is a 50-state advocacy operation providing state-level tracking, lobbying and grassroots support for the tech industry. As the only advocacy network of its kind in the industry, we have the ability to interact with local legislators, impacting an issue in any state on a moment’s notice. We promote policies that advance innovation and business opportunities that are in the best interests of the technology industry.


We support the "innovator class of America," the entrepreneurial individuals and companies that are the critical backbone in supporting broader commerce and job creation. In an environment of challenging policy and regulatory landscapes, we advance policy solutions that support the health of our nation’s “tech ecosystem” – whether for the largest IT enterprise company or the smallest IT solution provider.


95% of the global market resides outside of the United States and yet just 1% of U.S. businesses export to those markets. The rules of trade – export and customs regulations, fair and reciprocal treatment, transparency – impact the flow of goods and services that make up the supply chain of technology products that meet the needs of businesses and consumers. We support trade policies that create a level playing field for technology companies to compete in the global marketplace and provide their goods and services to consumers at home and abroad.