Advocating for market expansion for US technology exports

Government policies can either enable or impede business success. In the international arena, CompTIA primarily focuses on global trade and market access for Information Technology companies. Our association supports trade policies that expand existing export destinations, and we advocate for new open markets through bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements.

Since 95% of the world’s consumers live outside of the United States, it is important to help U.S. companies gain equal access to enter into foreign markets. International trade rules of engagement need to be updated to reflect the 21st century marketplace for innovation and ideas.

Trade Regulation & Compliance

Ensuring a truly global market for all US technology companies

The IT industry is a $3.6 trillion global enterprise with complex supply chains, an array of international rules, and intense competition. Those companies that excel at being nimble, efficient and achieving “just in time” assembly and delivery of goods, have the advantage. The Trade Regulation & Compliance practice aids CompTIA member companies in minimizing risk, optimizing trade operations and improving the bottom line.

CompTIA follows customs and export laws and regulations in Washington, D.C. as well as in major trading partner countries, and we press for action on the issues that are most critical to our members. We also assist members in developing strong global trade compliance programs through regulatory updates, educational events, and meetings with key government officials on priority topics.

Global Trade and Market Access

95% of the global market resides outside of the United States and yet just 1% of U.S. businesses export to those markets. The rules of trade – export and customs regulations, fair and reciprocal treatment, transparency – impact the ow of goods and services that make up the supply chain of technology products that meet the needs of businesses and consumers. We support trade policies that create a level playing eld for technology companies to compete in the global marketplace and provide their goods and services to consumers at home and abroad.