IT Channel Training

CompTIA IT channel training is a convenient way for you to acquire new technology and business expertise. Whether it’s live, face-to-face IT training, or online training that’s always available at your fingertips, CompTIA has a solution that makes the best use of your time. Explore our IT training program and use it to drive your business forward.

Live Channel Training

CompTIA offers live channel training at both CompTIA and partner events. Tap into continuing education. expand your knowledge and skills through live executive certification training, quick start sessions and workshops.

All Upcoming Training

Executive Certificates

The CompTIA Executive Certificate program offers busy professionals the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skillsets to achieve organizational goals. Executive certificates, covering many emerging and maturing market segments, were developed by leading experts in the IT industry and are delivered by authorized CompTIA Faculty. To earn an executive certificate, participants must complete all coursework and assessments.

Quick Start Sessions

CompTIA Quick Start Sessions offer a clear, how-to approach for launching a new business model or practice. The 45- to 60-minute faculty-led presentations are based on content from CompTIA’s Quick Start Guides.

CompTIA Research Reports & Market Intelligence Sessions

CompTIA Research and Market Intelligence provides timely, relevant data and insights aimed at informing and driving the IT industry. CompTIA’s library houses more than 100 research reports, whitepapers, videos and webinars — and we produce new material each month. Using rigorous research techniques, CompTIA collects data from tens of thousands of end-users and IT companies on a wide range of issues covering tech trends, channel dynamics and the IT workforce. View reports online or contact us to secure a live briefing with a CompTIA Analyst at your next partner event.

Online Channel Training

Access interactive information technology training for your continuing education and learn at your own pace through CompTIA e-learning. Earn your Executive Certificate and access our quick start sessions, IT guides, IT playbooks, IT webinars and IT research from wherever you are.

Executive Certificates

Each course in the CompTIA Executive Certificate program is intended to grow your business with successful niche practices — and now you can earn your Executive Certificate at your own pace, no matter where you are! Complete the self-paced courses, pass the assessments and take part in a capstone session (a requirement of the e-learning path) in person or through a webinar. Facilitated by authorized CompTIA Faculty, the one-hour capstone sessions let you discuss concepts from the courses with peers and apply what you’ve learned to real-world scenarios.

  • Fundamentals of Channel Management

    Available to register online

    This self-paced online tutorial offers an overview of the channel and the role of the channel manager. This is not a substitute for the face-to-face Executive Certificate to Channel Management, but rather prerequisite material. It is presented in two 20-minute segments: The Channel and the Channel Manager Role - Defines the IT channel ecosystem, introduces different partner business models, and begins to explore the ways in which the channel manager role is changing. IT Channel Strategy - Introduces the concepts of portfolio management and the channel manager as a business development professional.

  • Executive Certificate in Cloud Intermediate

    Available to register online

    Building on the CompTIA Executive Certificate in Cloud (Foundations) program, this course of study addresses the specific "hows" of profitably integrating cloud-based IT services into a solution provider’s business. While much of the cloud-focused training currently available addresses generalities about business model transformation, this certificate program delves into the specifics of growing a cloud-based business.

  • Executive Certificate in IT Security Foundations

    Available to register online

    All too often IT security is viewed as a necessary evil, if not as an outright barrier to doing business. Changing that perception requires a certain finesse in designing and implementing solutions. It means applying granular, rather than crude security controls. The goal of this training is to facilitate a solution provider's transformation into a trusted IT security advisor. Attendees learn to gauge the impact of emerging trends on their customers' businesses, to explore ways to facilitate meaningful conversations around security and to leverage those conversations in the design and implementation of appropriate IT solutions.

  • Executive Certificate in Mobility Foundations

    Available to register online

    The mobile revolution in the workplace may have started because we love our phones and tablets, but it continues because business leaders recognize the potential for increased productivity and improved connections with customers. Attend this interactive workshop to examine different opportunities in the mobile space and investigate a framework for establishing a mobile strategy. You’ll also consider the concept of mobile management and examine the stages of the mobile device lifecycle.

  • Executive Certificate in Financial Management

    Available to register online

    In just one day, advance to a state of mastery of disciplined, principled accounting for your IT services business. Learn to navigate this rapidly shifting marketplace.


Whether you’re transitioning to a managed services provider model or looking to enter a new vertical market, use CompTIA’s comprehensive Quick Start and 10-Week Guides to light your path. Laying out best practices and critical insights from industry experts, our guides offer both a broad treatment of technologies and market trends, and actionable steps to successfully address specific challenges related to marketing, sales and management.

Sales Solution Playbooks

CompTIA Playbooks can help you identify, target, position and close on new business opportunities. Built as templates, CompTIA Playbooks can be used to create personalized business solutions and as a basis for sales and marketing training. Covering customer needs and challenges, plus updates on the ever-changing technology landscape, CompTIA Playbooks help you ask scoping and qualifying questions and include the benefits of various sales solutions. To put your playbook into action, take part in a CompTIA Quick Start Session or workshop designed to help leverage what you’ve learned.


CompTIA webinars feature an all-star roster of established and emerging speakers from across the IT industry. The live, interactive seminars allow you to engage with experts in your field and advance your industry acumen in a virtual environment. CompTIA webinars are streamed for live participation and recorded for on-demand viewing.

Next Steps

If you are interested in having CompTIA deliver training at your live or web event, send us an email.

The faculty

CompTIA Faculty are proven leaders within the IT Channel. They are chosen not only for their expertise and successes within the Channel, but also for their alignment with CompTIA’s educational mission. They bring a tremendous amount of information technology training experience and successes that help complement the CompTIA educational content they deliver within the areas they are most proficient.